March 2017- This is the Day! Boomerang has been released on Gangplank records label in Detroit!!! I am very excited about this record, I worked long and hard on it for the good part of two years. It was recorded mainly at Tempermill Studio in Detroit, produced by the almighty David Feeny (Blanche, American Mars) who has worked with countless Detroit artists including Jack White. He played pedal steel on Loretta Lynne's record from a few years back with three quarters of what was to become the Racontuers.

I am very happy with the direct, in your face guitar sound we got on this record, it is something I have been pursuing for some time without these kind of results. Again I am playing most of the instruments on the record, but got some great help from Bob Mervak on piano and keyboards. He is quite a player and really added to these songs. 

Please go to Bandcamp to purchase the record!!

























January 2017! Things are brewing...! Boomerang is coming around pretty soon! Artwork courtesy of MAC photography!


Update- December 2016- Wrapping up the new record, with a tentative tile of " Boomerang" Mixing is done and the next hurdle is mastering and it will be in the bag! Looking for a release in January or February 2017 with a CD release show most likely in February or March! Keep on the lookout for new updates after the new year!


Update- Fall 2016. Work continues on the latest record. I have been busy recording over several months at Tempermill studios in Detroit with Dave Feeny and also some recording in Chicago at Joyride with long time collaborator Brian Leach. Good progress being made and I am excited with the songs but still have a few more hurdles towards the finish line. I will try to keep this website much more up to date with progress reports, and certainly will complete a major overhaul once the record is completed.  Also, another reminder to like the Facebook Page if you are a fan! Thanks! Tom


Long overdue update: Meccanic Records is proud to announce the vinyl version of the new record The writers of our Destinty has finally arrived! It looks and sounds fantastic. It includes a code for digital download and will be available in physical stores as well as online. The record has also gotten some really nice press in the last few weeks, check out the reviews section for some of those! Also remember to like the Your Gracious Host Facebook page if you are a fan, I appreciate it. 


It is official! The new record has been released today on CD Baby, Bandcamp, Kool Kat, and more outlets soon, stay tuned. Here are the links to go purchase the record:

Vinyl will be available in July!


The new record set for release on June 1 2015 on CD Baby, Amazon, I tunes etc as a CD and Digitial Download. Vinyl will also be available for purchase in July. Tracks already being spun on Howard's Power Pop stew the week of May 21st!


The Writers of our Destiny- Your Gracious Host    Spring 2015.  A song cycle based around a short story. A man running from a past he wants to hide.  Will be released on Meccanic Records on Vinyl with a digital download. Keep eyes on calendar for upcoming gigs to support release.


Work is in full swing on a new Your Gracious Host record. Tom has been diligently working away over the last year and 1/2 at his home studio in Grand Blanc, MI and at Big Sky in Ann Arbor, MI.  There is a batch of about 17 songs that will be wittled down to 11 or 12 for the record...and this one is based on a short story Tom wrote last year. It will be on Meccanic released on on VINYL with a digital download.